Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Born: 03/31/2009

Desert Paws rescued Sheena and her sister from a feral colony.  While Sheena's sister was very outgoing, Sheena was the shy one who preferred time away from people.  They were quickly adopted as a pair by a very nice lady; however, their adopter experienced some unexpected health issues and had to move into an assisted-living facility.  After they were returned, Sheena's sister was quickly re-adopted, but Sheena couldn't shake those traits that often result from a feral upbringing: avoids other cats, often in hiding, and shy of new people.

Sheena has a strong personality and definitely calls the shots when she interacts with the Desert Paws team.  She does occasionally allow back-scratches, but when the mood leaves her she is gone with the wind!  Fortunately, she is a big fan of wet-food so we are often able to lure her out of hiding with nice bowl of Friskies.  Since these are characteristics that aren't often sought after by new adopters, Sheena has settled in as a Desert Paws Sanctuary Resident.  She is a happy and healthy gal, and we are glad to provide her with a safe and peaceful place to spend her years!