Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Gender: Female
Born: 03/19/2017

Paige was born into our care in early 2017.  She was born very premature and must've been all squished up in utero because her back legs were a bit underdeveloped, which gives her an odd gate and could potentially result in hip issues as she gets older.  Paige's resting grumpy face was a hit at adoption events, but her grumpy attitude has kept her from being an ideal candidate for adoption.  She is extremely shy and isn't a big fan of new people, but does well around her foster-sibs and has a special affection for Freeway (another Sanctuary cat).  They have become a bonded pair, and have both settled in as sanctuary residents.  Paige is a healthy, albeit grumpy, gal and we are more than happy to give her a peaceful and safe place to live out her years with her partner Freeway.