animal surrender

Deciding to surrender your dog or cat can be a difficult and emotional decision. Please be aware that because we are a foster-based rescue, our ability to take your animal will depend on whether our approved fosters have space within their home. Because we want every animal that we rescue to have the best start in life, we make sure they receive the best veterinary care and training. It will often cost us between $100 to $500 to make an animal ready for adoption. Please consider making a donation to offset this cost.

Before you complete our surrender form, please consider the following:

  • If you originally adopted your pet from a shelter or rescue, even if it was out-of-state, please reach out to that shelter or rescue to find out more about returning your animal. Most reputable rescues or shelters will always take back animals that they have adopted out.

  • If you want to surrender your pet because of unwanted behavioral issues, first speak to a veterinarian or trainer to determine if unwanted habits or behaviors can be remedied. Often issues like destruction of furniture or incessant barking can be resolved with cost-effective and easily available resources and tools.

  • If you want to surrender your pet because of financial strain, please take a moment to explore the following programs that provide temporary assistance to pet-parents in need:

  • If you want to surrender a litter of kittens that you originally discovered outside, please review the
    Arizona Humane Society’s guide for dealing with feral and/or kittens discovered in the rough.

  • If you have found a dog or cat that is not wearing identification tags with working contact information please take it to a veterinary office or emergency animal clinic to be scanned for a microchip. Most vets will do this for you for free and without an appointment. Additionally, please check online resources like CraigsList or Facebook Lost and Found pages to see if the pet is posted.

Completion or submission of a Desert Paws Rescue Surrender Form does not guarantee that Desert Paws Rescue is able to accept your animal. As long as your animal is spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated, we are happy to create a ‘Courtesy Post’ for you on PetFinder, Adopt-a-Pet, and our Facebook page. If you are able to foster your animal while they await interest, please note this in the application to surrender.