Polly D

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Born: 06/23/2011

Polly D (she’s a polydactyl – extra toes on her front paws) was born in June 2011 to a feral mom.  She was the only kitten in her litter who didn’t disappear.  She came from the same apartment complex as Lynnae (another Sanctuary Cat) and was also living in the parking lot and being fed in secret until Desert Paws Rescue brought her to safety.  She was about 6 months old when we got her; unfortunately about 4 months past the age for easy socializing.  With patience and perseverance from Polly D and her foster mom, Polly D came around enough to be adopted by a nice young couple with a dog that loves cats.  (Polly D was very fond of the dog in her foster home.)  All was going well for a month or two, Polly D and the dog were buddies, but her new family felt that she really missed having another kitty.  Since they could only have 2 pets in their apartment, they returned Polly D.  We were very sad, but Polly D settled right back into her foster home and has made it very clear that she doesn’t want to leave again; she won’t allow any petting and definitely cannot be picked up.  But she’s front and center when the canned food is served, so her foster mom sometimes sneaks a touch on Polly D’s head while she’s eating.  We know she is very happy being back "home" with her kitty friends and enjoying all the comforts of indoor life.