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Website Use, Agreement Terms and Conditions

Feline Foster Liability Agreement and Waiver

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I have read the terms and conditions regarding the use of the Desert Paws Rescue website and all forms and agreements included therein. I understand that any misrepresentation of my identity, my personal information, or my contact information will disqualify me from fostering, volunteering, or adopting from Desert Paws Rescue. *
I understand that because I may handle and/or come in contact with animals, it is important to discuss being vaccinated against tetanus with my physician. I release Desert Paws Rescue (“DPR”, “DP”), directors, employees, volunteers, agents, its members or any of its past, present or future Officers, agents, or assigns from all responsibility that may occur because of my not pursuing this matter further and I understand whatever decision I make is at my own risk. I have read, understand and agree to the above tetanus information. *
I acknowledge and understand that as a foster of Desert Paws Rescue, I am not covered by workers’ compensation or any other insurance policy through Desert Paws Rescue for any damages or injuries I may sustain during foster activities. I understand that I am responsible for obtaining health insurance coverage through an independent health insurance company. *
I fully understand that as a part of my foster work for Desert Paws Rescue I will come into contact with animals either by directly handling them, fostering or through assisting in their care and adoption. Further, I understand that working with animals carries a risk of injury, and that it is possible that I may be bitten, scratched, and/or otherwise injured. *
I fully understand that as a foster for Desert Paws Rescue, my family may come in contact with animals at Desert Paws Rescue adoption events, and I and my family and/or guests may come into contact with animals in my home. I understand that working with animals carries a risk of injury, and it is possible that my family and/or guests may be bitten, scratched and/or otherwise injured. *
I understand that I will be expected to keep my foster-animal safe and secure, return it to Desert Paws Rescue when requested to do so, and not promise the animal to anyone, or imply that I have the authority to approve a potential adoption. Desert Paws Rescue retains ownership of all animals placed in foster care, and will make all decisions regarding the adoption and placement of the animals fostered. Additionally, I will follow all relevant procedures and guidelines of Desert Paws regarding this foster-animal, and will not make decisions or take actions regarding the animal’s veterinary care without prior approval from the Desert Paws Records Coordinator and/or Foster Coordinator and/or Rescue Director. *
I understand that although Desert Paws Rescue takes reasonable care to screen animals for foster care placement, it makes no guarantees relating to the animal’s health, behavior, or actions. Additionally, I understand that I receive foster care animals at my own risk and can decline to accept any animal for which Desert Paws has asked me to provide care. *
I acknowledge that Desert Paws Rescue is not responsible for any property damage or personal injury suffered by me, members of my household, including my own animals, or any third parties during a foster placement, and I assume liability to provide adequate controls to prevent such damage or injury. *
I agree to provide my foster-animal with humane care. I will provide the animal with the appropriate exercise and will not keep the pet tethered or restricted to an unreasonably small area. Desert Paws Rescue cats will not be permitted outdoors under any circumstances. Additionally, I agree to provide the animal with adequate food, water, shelter, affection, socialization, medical assistance, and to strive to increase the adoptability of the animal. *
I understand that Desert Paws Rescue is rarely able to provide food and/or litter for my foster-animal, and when available, will fairly distribute any donated resources among its approved foster-families. I agree to assume responsibility for providing adequate food and litter for my foster-animal in an effort to keep my foster-animal healthy and adoptable. *
If I cannot keep my foster-animal, I will notify the Desert Paws Rescue Foster Coordinator immediately. The animal shall not be sold, abandoned, relinquished to a shelter, pound, or any third-party without the prior consent of the Desert Paws Rescue Foster Coordinator. *
I agree to be courteous, helpful, and honest to potential adopters and to fully cooperate in accommodating those who wish to see the pet. *
In the event that I decide to permanently adopt my foster-pet, a Desert Paws Rescue Contract must be submitted to Desert Paws along with the requested adoption fee. *
My signature to this liability release attests to my intent to hold harmless and release from all liability Desert Paws Rescue, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, its members or any of its past, present or future Officers, agents, or assigns, from all acts which are related to the normal performance of required and implied duties. My signature, whether original, by fax or any other electronic means, is valid as if it were an original signature. *