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Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Born: 03/22/2018

Coco and her three siblings showed up one day on a nice lady's porch, who worried that they would quickly become victim to local wildlife if she did not intervene.  All four of the kittens were trapped and brought to Desert Paws in May of 2018. Since we sensed that they were all experiencing some issues with socialization, each one was sent to a different foster home, so that they wouldn't be feeding off of each others fears and skittishness.  Fortunately, Coco's siblings overcame their issues, but unfortunately, Coco still has major trust issues when it comes to people.  She gets along great with her fellow four-legged friends, but will hiss and spit when approached by the two-legged variety, and will bite and scratch if handled.  We understand that these are not typically traits that potential adopters look for, and so we have happily accepted her as a permanent Sanctuary Resident.  We are happy to give Ms Coco a healthy and safe place to spend her years.

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