Devika and Dixon

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Breed: Orange and white tabby, chocolate point siamese
Gender: Male
Born: April 20, 2018
Good w/ Kids: Yes
Good w/ Dogs: Yes
Good w/ Cats: Yes

These little sweeties are Devika and Dixon, born mid April 2018 At about 6 weeks old, Devika and Dixon strolled into a kind man’s backyard from a neighborhood over run with cats. The man reached out to Desert Paws for help.  Devika and Dixon have been through a lot together. They both came down with a fairly common respiratory virus, like a common cold to us humans, that affects each cat differently. While it effected Devika very little, Dixon has had to continue dealing with the respiratory virus.  The hope is as he gets older his immune system will get stronger and the virus will get better. But it doesn’t slow him down. He and Devika are the perfect odd couple. Dixon is an orange and white tabby, he is very outgoing, playful, loves attention, and has a lot to talk about. Devika is a chocolate point Siamese mix and is more independent, doesn’t care to share what’s on her mind, but is just as playful. She is also very maternal of Dixon, always looking out for him. They have made it known they would like to be adopted together. They have been spayed and neutered, each tested negative for FELV and FIV, they have their identification microchips and are current on their vaccines. If you are interested in adopting them please fill out the cat consultation form below or email

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