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Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  Click on the questions to view the answers.

Desert Paws Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization consisting of experienced and dedicated rescue people who were previously doing animal rescue work independently and realized the benefits of joining together to combine their experience, knowledge, and resources.

The mission of Desert Paws rescue is to provide a new beginning for unwanted cats & dogs who might otherwise be euthanized. We will provide a safe, loving foster environment for rehabilitation and medical needs, with the ultimate goal of placing them in their new forever homes. We will educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering and how to choose the right pet for their family in order to reduce the population of unwanted pets in our community. We will do this in a compassionate, friendly and professional manner ensuring a rewarding experience for our adopters and to further benefit the animals in our care.

The purpose of Desert Paws Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate (when necessary) and place domestic animals into stable homes, to educate the public about the responsibilities of pet ownership in an attempt to alleviate the problem of unwanted pets, and to build public awareness about the human-animal bond and its benefits to society.

It is the policy of Desert Paws Rescue that all potential animal adopters complete an Adoption Consultation Form and an interview with an Adoption Coordinator in order to be considered as a forever home for our animals.  Desert Paws Rescue will determine the best home for each animal based on the application process and interview.  After review of the adoption consultation form and the completion of the interview with the Adoption Coordinator, Desert Paws Rescue may recommend a different animal that is more suitable to your household.  Completion of the application and interview process does not guarantee an approval or guarantee the adoption of a particular animal.  Desert Paws Rescue is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the animal based on our policies and standards.

With a few exceptions, the animals that Desert Paws Rescue offers for adoption come from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.  All of the animals that we receive are scheduled for euthanasia and Desert Paws Rescue represents their last hope for a normal, happy life.  When you adopt a pet from Desert Paws Rescue, you are literally “saving” a life!

Occasionally Desert Paws Rescue receives animals with special needs that are difficult to adopt.  These animals will remain in our foster homes while we continue to search for that special person who is willing to take on the additional responsibility of a pet with special needs.

At Desert Paws Rescue, we believe there is a home for every animal we foster.  Our foster program provides us the opportunity to evaluate the behavior of our animals in a family environment, allows us to address any unwanted behavioral issues, provides the adoptive parents all the information necessary to make an informed decision, and insures that their new animal will be a good match with their family.  Our foster homes provide good nutrition and an understanding lap to prepare our animals for life in a world where fear and starvation are non-existent.  Adopting a pet that has been fostered results in a pet that is confident, well adjusted, and will readily adapt to their new home environment.

The first step in the adoption process is to complete and return an Adoption Consultation Form.  It will be reviewed by an Adoption Coordinator who will then contact you to explain the adoption process and answer any additional questions you may have.

The Desert Paws Rescue adoption consultation form will assist the both the potential adopter and the Adoption Coordinator in making this a successful adoption experience.  First, the adoption consultation form is specifically designed to help the potential adopters understand the responsibilities and realities of a pet adoption by answering questions that focus on daily realities of owning a pet.  Additionally, the Adoption Coordinator uses the information in the completed form to help in the selection process by directing the adopter towards animals that we know will be comfortable and happy in a particular home environment.

Desert Paws Rescue is always looking for foster families to provide temporary homes for dogs/puppies cats/kittens that have been recently rescued and are waiting to be adopted.  Desert Paws Rescue will take care of all veterinary expenses (at our participating vets) and provide food and supplies when available.  Along with providing these animals with the love and attention, the foster will provide transportation to veterinary appointments and our weekly adoption events.  Foster families are the lifeblood of our rescue organization.  Fostering provides many homeless dogs and cats the opportunity for a second chance at life. Without foster families, our rescue organization simply couldn’t exist.  If you think you would like to take a foster animal into your home, please contact us for additional information.

Desert Paws Rescue has volunteer jobs available at all skill and interest levels.  We have several positions available for people interested in managing a specific project or program area.  Please contact us if you are interested in fundraising, public relations, organizing offsite adoption days, or working on special projects.

If you have questions that were not covered here, please contact us.