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I understand you are in need of foster homes. I am not able to do this @ this time. Do you have a facility where you keep animals untill they are adopted? If so, please tell me location. I am interested in volunteering if near east mesa.


We have had several cats in our home over the years, and have the policy that we want the cat to become part human rather than we become part cat. In that case, we have only one cat at a time, and keep them indoors 100% of the time. We love them, and they love us. We take them to bed with us, have them with us when we sit for TV, and in general include them in almost everything we do. Only one wanted to be in the shower with us. He was so insistent that we had to be careful to keep him out or he would shower like we did. We are now sadly without a cat, but we have a cat shaped hole in our hearts, and we are looking for that kitty that wants to join us in our home and become part of the family.


Pet Parent
We have recently adopted 2 dogs. Dobi and George. They have become a wonderful addition to our family and we have gotten great support from Desert Rescue in our adoption. Thank you all for the great work you do in finding good homes for so many pets.


I just brought Halina home and she is adapting extremely well. She is very curious about her new home. I am thinking of renaming her to Sunshyne, (mom's idea), which I thought was awesome since she will bring a lot of sunshine to my life!! Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon!! William


I have three six month old cat's that we cant keep can you take them?


Miss Lucy
Thank you so much for taking Miss Lucy today I found her as a stray but could not keep her you made me feel so much better and I realize you will find her a forever home you are my new charity I thank you for your heart felt work!!!


My husband lost his job over 4 months ago & we have to give up our cat. She is black & white with medium hair, named Sassy. She is very sweet, but she is not a cat you can just pick up or love on any time you want. She needs someone who understands her personality, will love her, & take good care of her. We got her as a stray kitten & she's only known apartment living. She's approx. 7 years old & is in excellent health. She should not be around children unless they do not pet her or pick her up. Can you help me? Also, does it cost money and if so, how much? Thank you.


Urgent Home Needed for Male Tabby
My father lived in an assisted living with his companion Buddy, a yellow tabby - 6 year old male. Dad died suddenly this week and we cannot take his cat. We would make a generous donation to your rescue if you can help us find a home for him in the next few days. He has a self-cleaning litter box and cat tree. His shots are up to date. Thank you for your consideration and assistance. Kim Whisenhunt 480-522-8432


Scout (Tabba)
I adopted a kitten from you 3 years ago. Scout is so much more than I ever hoped for. She is my cuddle bug at night yet is into everything and full of energy other times...exactly what I wanted. She makes me laugh daily and greets me at my garage door when I get home from work. Thank you so much for all you do for these little guys.


if you love cats look at this web
www.catinfo.org, by Lisa A.Pierson, DVM: lots of info about vaccines,feeding and more...


Volunteers at Petsmart on Power Road.
I just want to say thank you to those volunteers who dedicate their Saturday (and for some of you it is every Saturday) to running the adoption center. You are all awesome!


My deepest sympathy to David's family and friends.


Hello, I live on mesa dr. between broadway & southern and found a little husky shepherd mix, she can't be more than 5 months old and has white eyes. i found her with no id tag or collar. if i just let her go it is a sure death sentence with all the cars and construction going on. is there anyone that can adopt this sweet little pup as i have pets of my own... just trying to do the right thing here, i'm at azbordersoldier@yahoo.com thank you Robert


Please pass this along if you like it. Sorry for the anonymity. Love Think about love. Think about the kindness of love, the comfort of love, the acceptance and warmth of love, the simplicity and generosity and forgiveness of love. Think about the gentleness of love, the patience of love, the compassion of love. Think about the refuge and relief of love. Think about love. That, I believe, is God. Love itself, perfect, eternal and infinite, flowing among all of us, shared as our birthright, our love uniting us and living on within God. There is nothing to fear. It's love itself that is the God we seek, here within all of us and living on forever. Love has always been here. The rest, I believe, is nature. Our bodies and our minds, the self we identify as soul, heredity and upbringing, all part of nature. There is no evil, only nature, a broad scape from marvels of beauty to tragic aberrations, all nature, all fleeting. All of nature shares the same preoccupations at its own level...we seek food, continuation of our species, pleasure, safety, status and territory. Those are the things of nature and the joys they give us are the gifts of nature. But our greatest days are made of love, in hours of unbearable loss, it's love that comforts us. We thrive on it, we long for it. With love, we do what we would have thought impossible, through love we make the miracles that others are praying for. It's through our own love that God comes into the world. Our prayers have already been answered. We have been given love, it is already here for us. Hunger and sickness, sadness and loneliness, fear and cruelty...what we can't overcome with love, we can comfort with love so that none suffer alone and abandoned. This, I believe, is our purpose. To free our love from the fearful cautions of nature, to let love dissolve the divisions that separate us, to look for love in every other being and find God. With love, we live as in heaven. Think about love often, nurture love within yourself, give over some time of your days to meditate on love, to pray that we will have more love. Think about love and pray that one day we will all have the love we need for all the world. This is not a religion and there is no need for money, preachers, books, or buildings. The truth is in love itself and the only outward sign of love is love. This is for you, offered in hope that it will help. The person who wrote this is an ordinary person of unexceptional virtue who will say nothing further. loveisthegodweseek(dot)org


Great Organization
I was told about you by HealingHeartsAz. They said you do wonders in getting adult cats adopted. I have been feeding a stray cat that lives in an industrial steel storage yard next door to where I work in Gilbert. After 3 or 4 months of feeding and gaining the trust of this cat, I think it is ready for adoption. I am going to stop by your place today to show you some pictures of "Riff Raff". Thank you for helping stray animals loving homes to live in. Tony

Emalee Glover

There is a very large stray cat in my neighborhood. Some people on my street feed it along with a few other cats, which are theirs. The cat is pretty friendly, but does not like to be held... learned that the hard way, lol. Please get back to me ASAP. I live in Queen Creek/Gilbert area. Email me at emaleeg4@gmail.com! Thanks ;)!

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abandonment of dogs :(
Hello do you guys rescue abandoned animals? Someone moved out of the house next to me and they left their what looks to be yorkie and some kind of lab mix. They are both very sweet and they aimlessly wander around the neighborhood and come back to the house in the front yard where they were left but its to the point where drug addicts have started squatting in the house and I think they abuse the animals they look very unhealthy and I haven't seen the yorkie in a few days. I've let the police know and I'm afraid if I don't get the animals rescued they will be sent to the pound and killed without a fair chance I always sneak the animals water and food but I'm not sure if they have their shots and I have animals of my own.

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shy dog rehab
only small dogs? I rehab shy dogs, and may visit you as I look for a home in SW. keep up the good work! Dog Maven


I can't find on your web adoption fee. I see it only if the fee is higher then normal. Will be nice to see more info about pets, like eye color, hair lenght, were they came from...


Chasing a Ghost
About 4 years ago, I adopted GHOST, who is one of you "Success Stories." He actually picked me. There were two of us who wanted him on a rainy Saturday and he stayed close with me that day and the other lady and her daughter took home a Russian Blue. Ghost was scrawnyish shortish haired grey kitty found in a culvert in AJ. We left PetsMart together that day and he was securely zipped into his soft sided carrier. Suddenly there was a horrid commotion withing the carrier which flipped, and tossed as I drove through the middle of town. Strong little feet and claws peeled back well-tightend zippers. I was swerving around like a drunk, but, suddenly a grey shape landed on my left shoulder and SAT there. I straightened up my wheels and tried to look respectable. I looked in the rearview and behind be was a Sherrif's Car. No red lights appeared and it seemed the ever serious type may have been smiling. Trinity/Ghost is now a beautiful Long Haired boy whom I love very much. He has acquired three siblings, all of whom were rescue children: a brown female aged 3.5 from "the Phoenix 'Pound'" and Wisdom and Mercy, age 1 year. Their pg mom was dropped off in our "Senior Neighborhood" by someone who suspected that somebody would tend to this lost soul who found that her family abandoned her and THEY had never had her "fixed". Poor Kid. She had 6 female kittens. I took 2 and know all 6 are neutered and in good homes nearby. The Mom got a good home with her rescuer. Ghost is now "Trinity" and whoever fostered him nurtured his sweet and kind disposition which still shines. He raised Gabby, the brown girl, and Wisdom and Mercy. Keep on Keepin' on. You guys are great. I still see you from time to time at a PetsMart and we talk, but I am full up on cats. But wanted you to know that Ghost is loved, cared for, and the King of his Own Hill! Thank youl

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In Loving Memory
Donating in memory of Tristan Lewis who LOVED animals =)


I recently lost my 27-year old son Tristan Lewis unexpectedly. I am asking friends and family to donate to your shelter in his name. He loved animals so much! Julie Rychener


We adopted Jade yesterday, her new name is Minnie Marie. She is exactly as you described her. She is a sweet sweet kitten and we are so happy to have her as our newest family member! Thank for rescuing her!!!


Can I Make a Deal with You?
The stray cats I have rescued over time have all gotten along together well until this last cat that came home with me 6 months ago. He will not get along with the others but would be wonderful as the only pet in a home. I will give a substantial donation if you think he is adoptable and can go into your program. If you need more information, call me at 480-621-8504 or leave your number and I will call you. Thank you.


Left a donation
Looks like you;re doing good work!


stray cat
My husband and I have noticed a stray gray tabby hanging around our backyard. We don't want to call animal control and we are trying to find a shelter. Not really sure how it all works.


message for Larry (2012-05-04)
If you need info and assistance with the feral cats by your work in AZ call The Hotline (602)265-7729. There is a free program "Trap-Neuter-Return"(TNR). They will tell you about the laws in AZ. Hope that will help. Good luck.


cat care giver
My wife and I have been feeding stray cats for 12 years where I work. the company I work for started the catch, fix and release program a few years ago but has not since then. My wife and I did the catch fix, and release one time, but are unable to continue dur to the cost. the cats numbers have increased alot and we do oue best to see that they have food and water. the problem now is that thecompany is now saying I will be fired if I continue to feed and water the cats. Are there any laws on feedign cats in Arizona? Im lost at what I should do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Larry


Wanted - DEVON REX Kitten!
Looking for a Devon Rex kitten to give a warm, loving home. Please contact me at (805) 368-4062


food for you
Our dog loves Sam's Favorite dog food, but only eats the white and orange parts. We have about 70 # of dog food to give to your effort if wanted?? Reply to rjriggen@aol.com

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