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I've filled out the Adoption form and sent two emails about Chester. Still haven't heard anything back. I'm hoping he is still available. Would love to invite him into our family. Please, please get back to me. Lianne


Tabby's Rule
Finding Mercede's at Petco was like winning the lottery! She is the sweetest little grey tabby. She's full of life and a very curious cat! She's extremly gentle and loves a good play with string.

Melissa and Danny Shaw

great work.
I think I've fallen in love with so many lil guys and gals on this site that I could have a menagerie of animals at my hosue if I didn't show some restraint. However I have fallen head over heels with the sheltie chihuahua mix Maggie. so I"ve put i na dog adoption application and am looking forward to a call to see if it's a good match or if I can fall in love with another animal that's an even better fit. I'm way too excited I think. I came initially to see if there was anything I could do to help get some of these little guys adopted so If someone could send me information on that I'd be ecstatic.

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My previous post was about "Redford" not "Redmond". I missed my error....like I said I call him "Sneak" most of the time. OOPS !


Redmond - Orange Tabby Boy
After adopting Autumn I saw Redmond and immediately was smitten with him. He is a close clone to a past cat (Tang). Redmond is so outgoing and entertaining. He has personality plus and gets along wonderfully with other animals. I often call him "Sneak" because every little opening he takes as an invite to get himself into. He likes to steal things and is extremely precocious. Once again Thank You Desert Paws Rescue for this wonderful little character of a cat! He makes me smile at a less than perfect time in my life! Robin - Queen Creek, AZ

The Langs

Black Mouth Cur pup Murphy
We adopted a Black Mouth Cur pup a few months back who we named Murphy. We had no idea a dog could be this great! We would love to get Murph together with his brothers and sisters who were adopted out at the same time if you are game. I can be reached at langman67@hotmail.com. John


We adopted Cole - a rat terrior puppy- in December 2009. He is doing great up here in Flagstaff. We were a little worried...just because it was such a brutal winter! However, we all survived. He is just as cute as ever and is great with all dogs. He is a little shy with new people, however, warms up after awhile! He is definately spoiled! We love him very much! Thanks Desert Paws!


Autumn - Calico Girl
Adopted Autumn yesterday! What a gorgeous and well rounded cat. She is prettier in person than in her pictures (also pretty). Thank you for the beautiful and healthy condition your cats are in when I viewed them yesterday at PetCo. and settled on Autumn. It has only been 24 hrs. but she is settling in nicely here and think she'll be a keeper! I encourage anybody looking for a family fur member to consider Desert Paws Rescue. Adoption process, fees and contracts are so very doable and thoughtful. Kudos for what you do! Robin Queen Creek, AZ


WE just LOVE Redman, he is doing great! He loves the kids. He is very vocal! We want to get him a friend soon, so we will be going back to you soon:) Thanks for letting us adopt Redman!


I submitted an adoption form for Cassie and truly hope that we get her! She is such a cutie and I would love to give her a great home.

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