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Type: Heaven's Pets
Pet of the Week: No

Chino was a rescue dog that I adopted back in 1996.  He was just an all around incredible dog and has been like a pseudo child to me for over 16 years.  Having been involved in rescue for the last 11 years, Chino has been the best foster brother a rescue dog could ever ask for.  He welcomed more foster dogs than one could count, into his heart and home.  He was always a wise soul and knew what each dog needed – whether it be confidence, teach them how to use a doggie door, to learn how to play with toys, to know that humans are ok, or even if they needed some doggie corrections.  Chino has helped so many rescue dogs – one could never even know the impact he has made.  In March of 2012, we had to put Chino down to be fair to him.  It’s been the hardest thing we’ve ever done.  The two girls of his pack, Kaiya and Deja, layed nose to nose to him as he went gently to sleep.  We are lost without him.  Godspeed my sweet Chino boy – you were loved by SO many and my heart is broken without you.  Susan Gillin

Gender: Male

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